Benefice of Boldre and South Baddesley

Mission Action Plan

This plan seeks to build on the work of the 2008 Boldre Mission Audit, which was successful in giving new focus to the work and life of our church. It has been formed in the light of material from the 2011 National Census and following consultation with our community.


Growing Authentic Disciples

This first priority is key to all that follows. If we can develop a pattern of life that seeks to allow all members to live out their calling as Christians then our church will become engaged in the mission of God in our parish.


We will:

Aim to start and establish mid-week bible study and prayer groups of six to twelve people where all can come to grow in their faith in Christ. These will be focussed on applying Christian truth to our lives and equipping us to reach out with God’s love.


Measurable Outcomes

  • A mid week study group will be established by the end of 2016.

  • A mid week prayer meeting will be set up by the end of 2016.

  • We will hope to grow the number of groups through to 2018.


Re-Imagining Church

We can no longer continue doing the same things and expecting a different result. We must be prepared to allow changes which will encourage new members of church to feel at home while not allowing the precious structure of our worship to be lost.

We will:

Develop a year round calendar and pattern of services that make the most of opportunities to invite as many as possible to come and join our worship, e.g. Harvest, Pet Service, Married at Boldre, Hood Service, Remembrance Sunday, All Souls Sunday, Patronal Festival.


Measurable Outcomes

  • Year round calendar of services to be in place by the end of 2015.

  • These services will be assessed and a report made to the PCC at the March meeting each year until 2018.


Agents of Social Transformation

We need to actively engage with all ages across our community to allow the impact of the mission of Jesus to flow into the lives of all. Communities of our hamlets have many isolated elderly people and we will seek to reach out to them to provide support and friendship.


We will:

Start a Pastoral Team, under the guidance of Felicity and Andrew, who will seek to gather lay visitors who will then support the elderly and isolated in our community. There will be space for everyone to get involved and show that we take seriously Jesus’ command to love our neighbour.


Measurable Outcomes

  • A pastoral team will be formed by the end of 2015 and develop plans to start to reach out to the community.

  • We will aim to have 10 pastoral visitors in action within our parish by the summer of 2016.

  • We will continue to support the Vintage Fitness at St Nicholas Chapel as a way of providing community for the elderly.


Belonging Together We Will be Good Stewards

The church plays a key role in providing a hub for communication in our parish. ‘The Bridge’ already connects and informs the majority of residents. We can work harder to be a source of news and a channel for requests across our community.

We will seek to make good use of our resources and reserves to enable mission and outreach with a Stewardship Campaign in 2015.


We will:

Continue to look at how we can make the most of our Benefice office as a hub for our community.

Look at how we can maximise electronic communication across the parish sending out pew sheets by email and increasing awareness and activity through our website.

Implement the Parish Giving Scheme across the church.


Measurable Outcomes

  • A review document on the way that the work of ‘The Bridge’ could be developed will be produced by June 2016.

  • The format and input to the website will be assessed by the end of 2015.

  • We will aim to see 30% of our regular givers signed up to the PGS by end of 2016.


    Approved by the PCC of Boldre on

    Approved by the Deanery of Lyndhurst on

    Parish of St John the Baptist, Boldre   


    Mission Action Plan 2015-2018




    At the Diocesan Synod Conference in September 2013 four Strategic Priorities for Mission were agreed. These set the agenda for the work of the Diocese over the next 3 years and can be found on the Diocesan website. Each Deanery in the Diocese has produced a three year action plan for Mission, using these priorities. These are called dMAPs (also on the website).


    In 2015, each Parish or Benefice has produced their own Parish Plan which in turn links into the Deanery Plan. These are known as Parish MAPs, or pMAPs, again based on the four strategic priorities.


    Our PCC has discussed the 4 Strategic Priorities in conjunction with the Deanery Mission Action plan (dMAP). As a result we have produced the following Parish Plan (pMAP). It is not set in stone but a living document which will change over time. We believe it will enable and equip us to “Live the Mission of Jesus” together.



    Revd Neil Smart

    On behalf of the PCC