Benefice of Boldre and South Baddesley

Alpha Online

As a Group of churches (Boldre, Brockenhurst & South Baddesley) we’re planning to run Alpha online in Jan-March 2021. Many churches have done this throughout this year and have reported a significant impact on the guests and leaders who took part. In particular the feedback is:- • Alpha online opens the doors of your church to new people who would never come on Alpha otherwise. •

Guests were more likely to keep coming back consistently session after session. • Alpha online engaged with young people more effectively. It helped to develop long-term disciples and leaders in churches. • It can be mobilized quickly with minimal resources.

To enable this to happen we need a team to help with planning, advertising, organising, and delivering the course. If this is something you think you might be interested in helping to organise then do please contact Simon Newham by no later than Monday 2nd November, on vicar@brockenhurstchurch.com