Benefice of Boldre and South Baddesley


July 12th
BACK TO SERVICES IN CHURCH To be back at worship in both St Nicholas’ and St John’s last week was a great joy. We were very careful about distancing, cleaning and cleansing. So much so that a ventilating open west door sent a blast of cold wind down the church sufficient to blow my sermon to the floor and interfere with the microphone. Many folk are too vulnerable to congregate. So we should be able to accommodate anyone who does comes. Best to bring a mask though. They enable us to sit only one metre apart and are advisable when walking in, out or around. Constructive and charitable criticism of the way we do things or of what we do is welcome. We will attempt to be a little briefer than last week. Otherwise the recipe seem about right, though some things will take a bit of getting used to, like listening to or only humming hymn tunes while following their words. Agonising to a real singer, but surely better than no hymns at all? We hope that the recording and filming this week will go well enough to send to everyone. If so if should be worth watching, if only to appreciate Timothy’s linking of our release from lockdown to Terry Waite’s release from his long incarceration. This week I will be outside after the service to greet folk. Closer to the Memorial than to the door though.

SERVICE TIMES AND TYPES For the time being services at St John’s at 10.30am every Sunday will be Morning Prayer. Holy Communion services will be at St Nicholas’ Chapel every Sunday at 8.00am (Book of Common Prayer) and every Wednesday at 10.30am (Common Worship).

HOLY COMMUNION IN YOUR GARDEN Those too vulnerable to risk coming to church might like to consider ‘Home Communion’ in the garden, well distanced and entirely safely administered. It is a short and lovely little service. Contact the Vicarage.

Prayer resources for those who are unable to meet together