Benefice of Boldre and South Baddesley


October 25th
The new regulations seem not to affect church services so we carry on as we have been. It is important to wear masks and to carry on strictly observing distancing regulations. A band of volunteers sanitise St John's each Saturday afternoon to make sure everything is safe for the Sunday Service.  If you would like to join in and help please contact Sally James (01590 671607) or the Vicarage.
Remember Sally Hoole will make you a bespoke mask for a donation to the NHS (01590 683348)

SERVICE TIMES AND TYPES For the time being services at St John’s at 10.30am every Sunday will either be Morning Prayer or Holy Communion which is  in one kind only, bread not wine, brought to everyone in their pew, easily accomplished as every other line of pews is kept vacant.  Details of services are listed on this website, in the pew sheet and also published in The Bridge magazine.  The St John’s 10.30am Service is filmed and a link sent later to all on our mailing list. This allows those unable to be with us to join in later.

 At St Nicholas’ Chapel there will be Holy Communion every Sunday at 8.00am (Book of Common Prayer) and every Wednesday at 10.30am (Common Worship)

St Mary's Service Schedule as per the Calendar and also published in The Bridge


HOLY COMMUNION IN YOUR GARDEN Those too vulnerable to risk coming to church might like to consider ‘Home Communion’ in the garden, well distanced and entirely safely administered. It is a short and lovely little service. Contact the Vicarage.


Prayer resources for those who are unable to meet together