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Cost of Weddings

Boldre & South Baddesley Wedding Fees 2019

From January 2019 all that is legally required for your church wedding is the cost of £496.  This fee includes the cost of the Vicar, the church, calling your banns, the marriage certificate, lighting and all administration. If either of you live in a different parish from where your wedding will be, by law the local church will need to read your banns too, for which you will also require a banns certificate, with an additional fee of  £41.

Fees are normally increased every January in line with the costs of living; if you are marrying in future years, the new legal (statutory) fees will apply to you, even if you arranged your wedding in a year when a different fee applied.

The statutory fee doesn't include the following:  The services of a verger (required), heating the church (Oct to May inc), having an organist, bells, choir or flowers. The costs for each will be at your church's local rate. 


Your Wedding  Financial Matters
St John the Baptist Church, Boldre / St Mary the Virgin, South Baddesley
We understand that the cost of each wedding will depend upon the budget of each couple.
The cost of the church component will be made up of basic fees and optional extras.

Statutory Fees Payable to the Church Diocese and Parochial Church Council.

£ 489.00

Marriage Certificate - subsequent copies at  later date                                      

  £ 11.00

Banns if also read outside Parish to be paid to relevant church       

  £ 41.00



Other Fees  


Verger (obligatory)  - Who opens up the church and tidies away after the service  

£   45.00

Bells                  (Fee only applicable to St John’s not St Mary’s)

£   30.00

Organist            Who will discuss your music and hymns with you.

£ 100.00


£ 150.00

Flowers              TBA Arranged by discussion with our Flower Guild

                                 (Contact details enclosed in Wedding Pack)


 Video Performance fee Organist / Organist & Choir

                           A fee for those who are recorded during the service


Heating (October to May inc)

£  60.00

Please complete  the Banns/Wedding application form, included in the Wedding Pack, indicating your optional requirements.  Final payment is required 8 weeks before your wedding takes place and cheques made out to Boldre & South Baddesley Fee Account