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St John's Churchyard

St Johns Boldre Churchyard

As befits a church with almost a thousand year history the churchyard at St John's is extensive.  In the church porch is a plan of the churchyard showing the grave numbers.  Inside the church are alphabetical registers detailing the names for each plot. Below is a link to an alphabetic list of known graves, in the St John's Churchyard, and which has been updated to the end of 2016 by Richard Chitty.

St John's Known Graves 1710-2016



Memorial inscriptions. 

The main part of this work was compiled by Mr. Belasyse-Smith and subsequently transcribed, from his handwritten notebooks, by Victoria H Ford. The notebooks were kindly loaned for this purpose by the Rev. J. Richards Vicar of Boldre. November 1984 - February 1986.  The Monumental Inscriptions have been typed out as Mr. Belasyse-Smith recorded them in the books.  In 2010 Penelope Chitty, John and Kate Roome have updated the document with inscriptions added between 1982 and 2010.  In the case that a later inscription has removed detail from an earlier inscription; the former inscription has been left in this document but marked by italics and brackets. All of the information has been digitally converted into files.  Unfortunately, bevcause of the age and quality of the source material there are some transcription errors for which we apologise.  These will be corrected on an ongoing basis as they are identified and logged.

St John's memorial inscriptions (main churchyard)

St John's memorial inscriptions (Rows A-F)

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