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Every authentic gathering or congregation of Christians strives to be a truly loving and forgiving community.  In many, many ways we succeed at St John’s and St Nicholas’. We are, we think, an enriching and rewarding fellowship to be a part of. All sorts of us keep watch over each other, visit our elderly or ill and inform the clergy of anyone in need of special care or a visit. People inevitably fall through the net though. Many lonely and needy folk do not come to church and never have. We don’t even know them. If we are the Church of the community at large, which we seek to be, we need to widen our pastoral care, to make it inclusive of all.  If you are aware of anyone in need that you believe we can be of help and support to then please do contact our Parish Office, our Churchwardens or one of our serving priests and we will gladly reach out to them. 

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